I wasn’t always a photographer. I began my career as national account manager for Sutter Home Winery. I came alive when I was developing, maintaining, and growing relationships. I coordinated white-glove experiences for my corporate clients at the winery. Later, I owned a pilates studio for 13 years and loved the independence of being a small business owner and helping people transform their bodies while practicing mindfulness. I truly understand the demands of being a business woman, with all the ups and downs.
Now I have the opportunity to combine my client relations, creativity, and passion for photography. My sessions build through the story of who you are. It’s Contrology; a choreographed dance of transitioning from one movement to the next. I’ve brought a disciplined method to my photography because of my business and pilates training. I take command, but in a fun way. I’m real, authentic and I’m offering you my expertise!

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