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Jewelry Designer

Karry Rosenberg has always loved precious stones and sparkling jewelry; she loves all things glittery. Karry is a dear friend I met four years ago, delivering my son to his first CBA Swim Team practice in Neptune, New Jersey. We were both looking to join a carpool to ease the driving burden and became inseparable. 

Karry worked in a jewelry store in her mid-twenties and has an incredible knowledge of precious stones. It was at a Nordstom’s trunk show, where she was inspired by the beaded bracelets ribboned together in all different colors of the rainbow that inspired Karry to begin dabbling in jewelry design. She took several classes and started making the stretchy beaded bracelets. Finding that the stretchy bracelets broke quickly, she taught herself how to make her jewelry designs on wire and clasps. 

Every time she walks into her favorite bead store in Arizona, there is a rainbow of colors of stones to choose from. She is first attracted to the color and then the quality of the precious stones. The colors and quality inspire her exclusive creations as she only makes a certain number of designs for her collection.

Karry reached out to me for a branding photography session to get herself visible on social media and begin to tell her story to an audience that she wants to discover her designs. She had a clear vision of what she wanted her new photos to convey; confidence, playfulness, and women empowerment. Using different outfits and various vignettes, we achieved images depicting warm, cozy, and inviting to entrepreneurial business savvy and confidence. Having professional personal branding photos will set her apart from her competition and share her stunning designs with a bigger audience.

Take a look at her beautiful work here: @keto_k_rozie

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