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Tori Sikkema, Interior, Architectural, Lifestyle, Brand Photographer

“I can’t speak highly enough of Tori and the experience I had doing a branding shoot with her. I needed photos for my website, emails, social media and paid ads. Tori took the time to get a deep grasp of my business and my goals and I’m SO happy with how they turned out. I was incredibly nervous as I can be critical of myself in photos and she just made me so comfortable and did a terrific job from beginning to end. I finally got those high-quality “bright and airy” photos I see so many other entrepreneurs have and it’s giving me the confidence to show up in my biz and put out more content! I would 100% recommend her for anyone wanting to be more visible in their business and truly connect with their audience.” – Christine Gomolka

“I may not be your typical “digital nomad,” but I do get to work from home, with my dog at my feet, on my schedule, and without a boss.” Christine Gomolka

Christine Gomolka, from @paidcopywriter, is launching an online course, “30 Days to Paid Freelance Copywriting Course,” in the summer of 2021 and needed professional photos for her course material, website, LinkedIn, and social media. Christine teaches her clients to optimize their LinkedIn profile and show up in client search results by targeting their ideal copywriting clients. Christine coaches freelancers to pitch clients and build a sustainable high-paying freelance copywriting career.

Christine’s technical & software sales and marketing background make her an expert in identifying, networking and engaging the decision-makers on LinkedIn. In just four short months after leaving her corporate sales career, she gained B2B copywriting clients using the techniques in her course. Since then, Christine has not looked back and is a successful female entrepreneur. These are nuggets that she wants to share to help a new generation of entrepreneurs blaze a path as a freelance copywriter in a variety of niches.

“I want to share my journey from the cut-throat, demanding, stressful and soul-sucking corporate world to show others how to find their ‘why’ through copywriting.” Christine Gomolka

Carma is Christine’s rescue dog, and she is a love; literally, she fell in love with my Maltese bichon Tate and me! Carma stole the shoot and was so well-behaved. It didn’t hurt that I have a stash of doggie treats and bacon-wrapped bones to keep the model happy. We shot on an overcast day in March, which gave us beautiful natural light, and I added some fill light when needed. The day was relaxing as I styled her shoot with props that spoke to her brand and intentions to convey the story of her journey from corporate sales to B2B copywriter and entrepreneur!

“I landed my first client in less than 30 days by using the tips I share with you every week in my newsletter and blog, and I never went back to working a regular job.” Christine Gomolka

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“The ONE benefit of a 9-to-5? The steady schedule and income. Well, we freelancers can have that too, without having to work for someone else.” Christine Gomolka


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