How is interior photography different from real estate photography?

Tori Sikkema, Interior, Architectural, Lifestyle, Brand Photographer

Interior photography is not your average real estate photography, it’s so much more and made for the creative artist you are. 

I absolutely love working with creatives and especially interior designers to photograph homes. As an interior designer, your have put a lot of thought into creating just the right space for your client. I want to not only document that space, but also tell the story behind your design choices and capture a few images of you in the space too. 

So how is interior photography different from real estate photography? Real estate photography typically shows the main space and big open rooms so buyers can feel their way through the home and get to know the floor plan. Occasionally you will see closeups of unique features and upgrades but the focus is on the home, not the design of the interior space.

Interior photography, on the other hand, is focused purely on the design of the space. If you as the designer have spent countless hours finding just the right faucets, fabrics and art pieces to create an emotional experience when someone enters the home, you should have each of those documented. 

My interior sessions are focused on both the grand scenes and details of your project with the goal of not only showing off your beautiful work, but also getting you published. I also love to capture portraits of you in your element!

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