Choosing your looks for your Branding Shoot

What you wear in your photos is a reflection of your brand and overall business, so dress accordingly! Your attire should complement your overall vibe and give a powerful first impression. 

Tips for choosing your looks

□ Choose 2-4 looks for the shoot. A great place to start is to choose one that represents a professional look (work) and one that represents a lifestyle look (casual).

□ Choose on-brand colors and clothes that represent your personality and best self!

□ Avoid wearing overwhelming or distracting patterns. Having simple options with accessories is always a safe bet.

□ Feel free to layer (throw on a sweater or cardigan), be bold with accessories (necklaces, shoes, etc.) and make your look your own.

□ Avoid wearing horizontal stripes, as they can distort when the photo is minimized and create a look of extra width in your figure.

□ If you wear glasses, choose non-reflective lenses or coating to avoid glare.

□ Try on all your looks in a mirror (move and walk in them) and make sure that you look and feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. 

I hope this helps! If you’d like more help in planning your branding photography session, just reach out. I’d love to help you! Let’s connect:

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