Spring Interior Styling Trends I Love!

Tori Sikkema | Interiors Photographer + Stylist

I am writing this blog post during a nor’easter/blizzard! Like me, living in the Northeast can be brutal in the winter. Sure, we love a blast of winter to see the white fluffy snow, but then my thoughts turn to spring in anticipation of the blooms and colors of the warmer climate.

As a photographer, we shoot spring features in the winter! So I thought I would share some of the trends I love and been photographing for my interior design clients.

  • Organic materials with texture
  • Patterns
  • Warmer hues to complement the cool tones
  • Pottery in cool blue and gray tones
  • Unique finishing touches
  • Pedestals & Watercolor Landscape Paintings

There is no right or wrong way to style your home. Of course, it ok to treat yourself to a few foundational decor pieces that will set the canvas for your masterpiece this spring. Draw inspiration from natural materials and unique items you already own.

Happy Styling!

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