4 Tips to design your home office for Zoom in 2022

My Newly Designed Office Space

Have you ever day dreamed about the perfect office space only to have it come to life? I have! I know I’ve mentioned once or twice that I am obsessed with all things design, so how could I not design the perfect space for my creativity to come to life?

When it comes to doing business in 2022, there is almost nothing more important than creating a comfortable office space that is Zoom ready. Most people these days hold all of their client meetings on Zoom. 

The most important client meeting? The consultation. I don’t know about you, but I want to make a great first impression with my new clients. It’s not just about actually putting on makeup, and let’s be honest here, pants. It’s also about having a space that shows them who I am.

With that in mind, I completely remodeled my home office to be Zoom ready and I want to share my design tips with you…

Because you only get one chance to make a great first impression.

Here’s a peak at my newly decorated space, why I chose these items and how you can do the same for your office space!

When I’m looking at great home office design, I always seem to ask myself, what was the design inspiration here? So let me tell you my design inspiration… I’m inspired by the beach! I love to bring those simple beach elements into my home for a natural and rich feeling. The beach centers me and helps me tap into my creative side more than anything else. That’s why it was the right chose for me and my home office!

My goal with my own office space was to create a neutral zone where I could zen-out and focus. Having a place for everything (and a place for the clutter objects) was key in this design. Plus, no one wants to see my clutter on a Zoom call.

TIP #1: A clean home office space can help you focus on tasks without getting distracted.

Where did all my clutter objects go (stapler, pens, client notes and folders, etc.)? In the two cute cabinets in the background.  What I love about these are how the modern and functional design merge with the beach elements I crave. 

Let me take you on a tour…

Let’s talk seating! Not only is the seat that I edit my interior photography and branding photography sessions the most important seat for comfort and functionality, but it needed to be just as pretty as the rest of the space (it is seen on my Zoom calls, after all). I chose the Cream Faux Leather Chair by @officestarproducts for its simple design, modern gold embellishments and maximum comfort.

For my clients? I found these stunning woven wicker chairs while antiquing. They nod to the beach without throwing it in your face. I also added a cozy loveseat for those times I want to journal or just watch the snow fall from my window. 

TIP #2: Planning your space around the window and natural light can help you maximize functionality, relaxation and can make you look great on camera.

Now for the fun part of creating your own office space! The art, decor and so much more…

The stunning textured art piece behind me chair is another simple coastal item I added to the space. The texture brings depth to the space while also providing a gorgeous backdrop for my Zoom meetings. It has a shell or palm tree design to it to bring in that coastal vibe. Since it was going to be my main backdrop for Zoom, it needed to be elegant, simple and clean. This piece is that and so much more!

TIP #3: Add texture to your backdrop and keep it simple behind your head so people can see your face clearly. 

I created symmetry behind my desk by using similarly shaped items on each shelf of my two cabinets. Choosing different items, again adds dimension, while the variety of items adds personality.

I also chose a simple desk that I keep clutter free. This white Pottery Barn desk was found in my son’s room. Since he is off at college, I grabbed the desk. Looking around your home for pieces you already have can save you money on your design, or let you splurge somewhere else.

I also added a textured rug, simple sheer curtains that don’t block out my window light and plenty of plants to fill the space. Plants and natural window light are great for the soul! They provide a simple way to bring the outside in which can relax you and take away a little stress. That’s why they are needed in an office!

TIP #4: Don’t forget to add a little bit of you and a little but of whimsey. 

Even an office space can have fun! It’s important to remember yourself in your design and not get overly focused on the design alone. Did you see the alpaca on the opposite wall? I love finds like this little guy, who not only color matches my space, but brings me joy when I look up at him from behind my computer! While my zoom call clients may not see my alpaca, I can.

Here are a few more find from my antiquing trip:

So remember this when you go to design your home office space… create a space just for you! Figure out what inspires you and how you can choose objects that convey that feeling. Stick to a simple color scheme for your design and bring in plenty of natural elements. 

If you get overwhelmed, reach out to a designer. I’d be happy to give you a few names of designers I trust. When you are all set with your new space, we can use it for your next branding photography session! Or have it photographed and seen in one of the top interior design magazines.

Love my space and want to use it for your branding photography session? No problem! My entire home is open to you. 

Click here to schedule a branding session in my space: CONTACT ME

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