Fall 2022 Styling Trends for Interior Photoshoots

Add a moody vibe this autumn to your spaces with 4 fall trends!

Interior Education with Tori Sikkema, Interior | Brand Photographer + Stylist

Transitioning your home from summer to fall is seamless, with just a few touches to streamline your spaces. My favorite trend of the moment is moody and cozy. This trend is perfect for both traditional and modern designs. Remember that styling for each season is a balance of trends and tradition. Incorporating a few tips adds just the right touch of autumn to enjoy the crisp air, which is perfect for your favorite cozy sweater!

The fact is that when we focus on balancing trends with tradition, we elevate our spaces. Giving your spaces a seasonal refresh with a few key on-trend pieces helps you nest into your home for the autumn while keeping your foundational pieces in place.

I love rich, muted reds, warm-toned neutrals, and deep greens for fall. To support this palette, we’re layering in different fabric types (hello, velvet!) to help bring dimension to these colorways. From waffled throws to block-printed linen pillow covers, texture and color bring richness to our Fall designs.  

Here are my 4 favorite trends and tips for fall styling:

1. Bouclé, Plaids and Stripes

Incorporating patterns and textures like bouclé, plaids, and stripes evoke a moody atmosphere. These patterned and textured pillows make the window seat welcoming and cozy. Having a wooden tray and some brass candlesticks invites you to sit down with a cup of tea and read a good book. The details only matter by what you do with them!

2. Elements of Glass, Ceramic, and Marble

Decor pieces from elements like glass, ceramic, and marble give a grounded aesthetic in warm and cool hues. Used in simple yet functional ways, these details help keep you organized when adding styling layers like branches and flowers. Geometric marble objects give our styled vignettes a grounded feel to the consoles and coffee table.

3. Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood’s natural texture and imperfections are part of what draws us to this beautiful wood. It feels almost vintage, old-meets-new look. I’ve styled the wood with all the other details we’ve discussed: glass, ceramic, marble, organics, books, and metal, to create these curated moments. Each vignette adds warmth and a vibe of moodiness to the decor.

4. Organic Signs of Life From Nature

One of the best ways to infuse nature into your space is through organic signs of life: branches, plants, and decorative grasses. In many ways, it establishes the room’s tone and adds a finishing layer to each space.

I always have a pair of planting shears on photoshoots to walk into nature and use real branches from the homeowner’s fall foliage and trees. It costs nothing and helps the homeowner prune for the fall!

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