I began my professional career as national account manager for Sutter Home Winery. I came alive when I was developing, maintaining, and growing relationships. I coordinated white-glove experiences for my corporate clients at the winery. 

During my years of corporate travels, I explored each location, with my camera in hand. I loved taking black and white candid portraits. I didn’t realize it then, but this would became the one thing that I was truly meant to do with my life.

Later, I owned a pilates studio for 13 years and loved the independence of being a small business owner and helping people transform their bodies and practicing mindfulness. I truly understand the demands of being a business woman; balancing home and work.

Now I have the opportunity to combine my client relations, creativity, and passion for photography. My sessions build through the story of who you are. It’s Contrology; a choreographed dance of transitioning from one movement to the next. I’ve brought a disciplined method to my photography because of my business and pilates training. I take command, but in a fun way. 

After I sold my Pilates studio, I transitioned into a job at Princeton University where my role as a mentor and manager set me up to be able to help students really look at their goals and plans long term. That time working with them as their mentor and friend, guiding them through the process of reaching their goals, is exactly how I approach my photography today. As I plan sessions with my clients, I think about their long term goals and what they truly need to succeed.

Life is about learning, growing and adapting. All of my past experiences have made me into the person I am today and allow me to give you the very best experience.

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I was intrigued by my family's camera: a Brownie, where you had to look down to take a photo! My father took 8mm film of us growing up and I was always curious to know how it worked. You could say my passion for photography started at an early age. I picked up the camera for the first time as a creative outlet. I’ve spent my life being serious about my studies and my work in the corporate world, but I came alive with a camera in my hands.

I am a lover of beautiful things.

I'm Tori!

I am a mom of two teenage boys, Grant and Kyle. I live with my boys, my husband, Steve, and our Maltese Bichon, Tate in Central NJ. 

I love riding my pink beach cruiser at the Jersey Shore. I spend my weekends cruising up and down the boardwalk with my family as we admire the beautiful houses and dream what it would be like to have a custom designed beach front home.

Sunset bike rides and waves crashing in the distance. 

Our family is so obsessed with Monopoly that I just bought a legacy edition wooden Monopoly board. We can play monopoly for days! It has gotten us through multiple snow storms. There are so many life lessons wrapped up in this game. Monopoly is really near and dear to our family’s heart!

Monopoly, legacy play and memories.

I love supporting my community. One of my favorite things to do is meet at Driftwood Coffee House with girlfriends to chat about life, plan swim team events for our kids and drink the best vanilla lattes!

Dirftwood Coffee House and a vanilla latte.

I love being together as a family. Friday night is our homemade pizza nights! Enjoying simple things together like building a wood fire, roasting marshmallows and cuddling up on a couch means the most to me.

Friday night pizza and time with family.

I love a good martini, especially on date night! I'd love to know your favorite wind-down drink.

A good martini and a snuggle with my man is all I need.

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