Tori, is a bespoke interior, architectural, and celebrity photographer infused with Hollywood glamour. She's a fusion of Kerry Washington's magnetism and Reese Witherspoon's spirited charm—so, which celebrity resonates with you?

Tori's lens doesn't just capture images; it captures moments enriched with her vivacious spirit. Her photography blends extensive experiences, architectural passion, and an editorial eye.

Her mission: to elevate your projects and unveil your unique brand identity. Tori's approach is disciplined yet exhilarating; it's about creating resonant visual stories.

Beyond the lens, Tori is a dynamic speaker and the vibrant host of the "Brand Lift" podcast, diving deep into branding, marketing, and business. She's an award-winning photographer featured in prestigious publications like Architectural Digest, Luxe, Aspire, and Good Housekeeping.

As a visual storyteller, Tori mentors, directs, and manages collaborations with designers, architects, and creative entrepreneurs. She knows the power of placing you—the face of your brand—in front of the camera for genuine connections.

Tori believes life's journey is meticulously designed, with no room for mistakes. Returning to her creative passion later in life has been a cherished gift. Her purpose is to connect and share knowledge with eager creatives like you, fostering collaboration and growth.

Ready to elevate your design projects and narrate your brand's story through bespoke photography? Tori is your trusted partner in this artistic voyage. Welcome to her world of creativity, connections, and stunning visual narratives, where Tori's radiant personality shines through every shot.

Here's my story...

More About ME

I was intrigued by my family's camera: a Brownie, where you had to look down to take a photo! My father took 8mm film of us growing up and I was always curious to know how it worked. You could say my passion for photography started at an early age. I picked up the camera for the first time as a creative outlet. I’ve spent my life being serious about my studies and my work in the corporate world, but I came alive with a camera in my hands.

I am a lover of beautiful things.

I'm Tori!

I am a mom of two boys, Grant and Kyle. I live with my boys, my husband, Steve, and our Maltese Bichon, Tate in Central NJ. 

I love riding my pink beach cruiser at the Jersey Shore. I spend my weekends cruising up and down the boardwalk with my family as we admire the beautiful houses and dream what it would be like to have a custom designed beach front home.

Sunset bike rides and waves crashing in the distance. 

Our family is so obsessed with Monopoly that I just bought a legacy edition wooden Monopoly board. We can play monopoly for days! It has gotten us through multiple snow storms. There are so many life lessons wrapped up in this game. Monopoly is really near and dear to our family’s heart!

Monopoly, legacy play and memories.

I love supporting my community. One of my favorite things to do is meet at Driftwood Coffee House with girlfriends to chat about life, plan swim team events for our kids and drink the best vanilla lattes!

Dirftwood Coffee House and a vanilla latte.

I love being together as a family. Friday night is our homemade pizza nights! Enjoying simple things together like building a wood fire, roasting marshmallows and cuddling up on a couch means the most to me.

Friday night pizza and time with family.

I love a good martini, especially on date night! I'd love to know your favorite wind-down drink.

A good martini and a snuggle with my man is all I need.

In MY SPARE time...

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