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I'm bringing my 20 years of marketing expertise to you each week to demystify branding, marketing, and business to help you get seen get published, and get booked by dream clients.

If you are a photographer, interior designer, architect, builder, or love all things design, we gather and get real about your story, your brand identity, numbers, marketing, and more.

Exploring how to get seen + Published

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For photographers, interior designers, architects, and builders

4 tips on getting published and landing high profile celebrity clients.

4 tips on getting published and landing high-profile clients.

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Brand Lift Podcast: How Creative Entrepreneurs Find The Perfect Customers hosted by Tori Sikkema, Interior & Brand Photographer and stylist.

Brand Lift Podcast: How Creative Entrepreneurs Find The Perfect Customers hosted by Tori Sikkema, Interior & Brand Photographer and stylist.

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Visual Markeing Tips to help you grow your business

Marketing Education with Tori Sikkema, Interior | Brand Photographer + Stylist On this week’s episode of Brand Lift, Tori shares visual marketing tips. You spark all the magic. It’s your ideas. It’s your vision for your business and how you want to grow it and I’m just here trying to give some marketing ideas on […]

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Four Tips on how to grow your TikTok

Generation Z is the most influential group on TikTok. Learn 4 tips on how to grow your presence on TikTok from Grant Sikkema, business student.

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Hear from a woman who owns a design firm

Learn the power behind building your own design firm and the power of having a professional portfolio, social media presence, and getting published helped her to connect to aligned clients.

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Neil is also inviting us to join the upcoming events at Universal’s Learning Center, where we can experience designer-focused panels and discussions and meet known personalities.

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The Journey of Entrepreneurship with branding as a business owner Tori Sikkema Interior photographer

Danielle shares her practical yet unique and authentic approaches to marketing and re-branding strategies

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Maggie Brittain, Owner, Chesterfield Organizing Co. Maggie Brittian is the owner of Chesterfield Organizing Co.,  ​She is a visual problem solver, and a homebody at heart. ​Professional Organizer and Clutter Guide/Coach and a wife of an outdoor enthusiast, a mother of four active humans, and one lazy pup, creating peaceful and clutter-free spaces is a must […]

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Karen Ann Bulluck is a transcendent leadership specialist and founder of TRANSCENDENCE: Living A Life of Meaning, a boutique executive coaching practice.  Karen partners with leaders to EXPLORE what matters, INTEGRATE the Higher Self, and FLOURISH in new dimensions. She is the creator of the Transcendence proprietary methodology: “Living A Life of Meaning”, which provides transformative and integrative teachings learned from three decades of applied practice.

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