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Karen Ann Bulluck is a transcendent leadership specialist

Karen Ann Bulluck is a transcendent leadership specialist and founder of TRANSCENDENCE: Living A Life of Meaning, a boutique executive coaching practice.  Karen partners with leaders to EXPLORE what matters, INTEGRATE the Higher Self, and FLOURISH in new dimensions. She is the creator of the Transcendence proprietary methodology: “Living A Life of Meaning”, which provides transformative and integrative teachings learned from three decades of applied practice.

She is the author of the Amazon bestselling novel Ascending Ladders, which follows a female executive through a transformation change in corporate leadership. Karen is also a contributing author to the international bestselling books: Significant Women: Leaders Reveal What Matters Most and The X-Factor: The Spiritual Secrets Behind Successful Executives & Entrepreneurs

Karen will share how to be your authentic self, what living a life of meaning is, and what transcendence means.

Karen shares 3 pillars of transcendence that are the foundation of creating and flourishing as a leader.

Life of transcendence for yourself of creating that state of mind.

1. Connection

The first pillar is a connection to whatever is your faith. Whatever it is your belief in that higher consciousness whether you call it the universe whether you call it universal consciousness.

It’s really important to connect and for leaders especially to have that daily practice of connecting into that higher level of consciousness because that’s where you’re going to get the wisdom and that’s where you’re going to.

Getting this piece to be able to stay focused in the midst of all this uncertainty um, learning to trust that connection and stay connected. All the time is really critical.

2. Develop Awareness

The second thing is to develop awareness. And this is really developing awareness of your internal programming. You know what your limiting beliefs are what your cultural conditioning is and learning to rewire that by being present with the cost understanding what it’s costing you to continue believing what you believe now and then changing that. Changing your belief system because we really all the chaos and suffering that we have a lot of that is tied to our belief systems and if we can change our belief systems.

3. Clarity

The clarity to explore what matters what your values are what’s really important to you and then creating a vision around that and living true to that vision living true your values and so

those are the 3 main components of the underline. What leaders and anybody needs to do to really tap in and begin to access that transcendence access that higher level of consciousness and transcend versus just changed.

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