Brand Lift Podcast: 4 Tips on Getting Published and Landing High-Profile Clients

Tori Sikkema, Interior | Celebrity | Brand Photographer + Stylist

4 tips on getting published and landing high profile celebrity clients.
John & Justine Leguizamo for Architectural Digest.
Photographed by Tori Sikkema

Brand Lift Podcast: In this week’s episode, Tori shares her experience as a professional interior design photographer

●  How can you improve your design portfolio and social media presence?

●  What’s a workflow that can help you grow your business?

●  How do you enhance the profile of a design project if you want to submit it for publication?


Tori was published nationally with a web-exclusive home tour for Architectural Digest. She was given the opportunity to work with celebrity clients and for a magazine that has completely changed her perception of what interior design photography and styling should be. Architectural Digest Magazine establishes the tone and trends for the entire industry.


Having stunning professional interior design photography is an essential part of doing business for the sophisticated and savvy design business owner in today’s visual world of Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Tiktok. Working with a published interior design photographer can help you improve your design portfolio and your professional and personal brand and presence.

In addition, having professionally curated galleries on your website, social media grids, and marketing attracts your ideal clients. It is just as essential to get in front of the camera as it is to capture your design projects.

Your dream clients want to get to know, like, and trust you before they want to do business with you. And indeed, getting yourself in front of the camera will help.



A consistent, repeatable workflow to help you grow your business
  •  It is essential to tell a visual story about your design projects.
  • If you’re interested in publishing your work down the road, having professional interior design photographs is a prerequisite.
  • It’s important to remember that it’s not about you or your design project but who the editors and the publications serve. They serve their audience and their readership. So before you write or submit anything to an editor, ensure you have your client’s full permission.

Here are four tips on enhancing the profile of a design project if you want to submit it for publication:

  1.  Submit professional interior design images. Editors will only publish professional images of your design project.
  2. Keeping all photos off social media, websites, and blogs is essential. Editors want exclusivity on what they publish. If you’re unprepared to wait for the editor’s feedback, you may not want to submit that project.
  3. Carefully select your publications. Find the most likely to feature your project.
  4.  Tell your story. Ask yourself, how does my story benefit? And how will it resonate with the readers? Try to keep your pitch to 300 words or less. And be sure to include the location, the designer, the architect, and any information about the space.

Until next time, take one new action that lifts up your brand!

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