Can Design Evoke Coastal Serenity? Exploring the Manchester by the Sea Interior Photoshoot

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Design by RBDC
Photography by Tori Sikkema

Nestled along the picturesque Cape Ann coastline in Essex County, Massachusetts, the charming town of Manchester by the Sea has long been admired for its scenic beauty and captivating vistas. Recently, it became the backdrop for a captivating interior photoshoot organized by Red Bank Design Center (RBDC), showcasing a custom home designed by the talented interior and general designer (GD) Amy Manor. You are invited on a visual journey through this stunning residence, revealing the seamless blend of antiques, modern artwork, and breathtaking coastal views.

A Memorable Arrival

The evening before the photoshoot, I had the pleasure of experiencing the warm hospitality of the homeowner’s daughter, who treated us to a mouthwatering steak dinner. As we savored the delicious meal, we engaged in delightful conversations about the significance of this custom home to the homeowners. The design held personal meaning, combining elements of their treasured antiques with a contemporary aesthetic.

The Fusion of Old and New

Amy Manor, the visionary behind RBDC, expertly intertwined the homeowners’ antique collection with modern artwork, creating a harmonious blend that resonated throughout the home. Every corner exuded a sense of curated elegance, with classic pieces of furniture juxtaposed against vibrant contemporary paintings. The interplay of old and new created an atmosphere of vintage, timeless beauty, where tradition seamlessly met innovation.

A Second-Floor Sanctuary

One of the standout features of this custom home was the second floor, designed by Amy Manor to make the most of the panoramic 180-degree views of the sea. Large windows flooded the space with natural light, emphasizing the connection between the interior and the stunning coastal surroundings. The ethereal ambiance provided an idyllic setting for relaxation and reflection, showcasing the true essence of coastal living.

Unveiling the Wine Cellar

In addition to the breathtaking views, the wine cellar’s strategic placement added luxury and convenience to the homeowners’ lifestyle. The wine cellar housed their priceless collection near the main living area, easily accessible for intimate gatherings or special occasions. This thoughtful integration of functionality and aesthetics demonstrated Amy Manor’s keen attention to detail and commitment to creating spaces that enhance the homeowner’s daily lives.

The Manchester by the Sea interior photoshoot captured images of the space’s essence by the architectural and interior photographer Tori Sikkema. Through the lens, the photos revealed the impeccable design choices made by Amy Manor and the significance of this custom home to the homeowners. The seamless fusion of antiques, modern artwork, and awe-inspiring coastal vistas showcased the unique beauty that can be achieved through thoughtful design. Manchester by the Sea continues to captivate with its scenic allure, serving as a timeless inspiration for architects, designers, and homeowners alike.

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