Shifting Gears: Christina Kim Shares How Her Design Firm is Making an Intentional Brand Shift

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Christina Kim Interior Design, Manasquan, NJ

Christina Kim, founder of Christina Kim Interior Design. Once an aspiring actress, her obsession with design and her innate curiosity led her to the world of interiors. Based in Manasquan, New Jersey, Christina has interior design projects across the U.S.. Christina’s work is influenced by scenes from LA, NYC, and Paris (all places she has lived), bringing both a West Coast sensibility and the East Coast into her designs. Christina is known for her warm yet modern interiors with a distinctive edge and specializes in the ground-up construction of modern homes.

 Noteworthy achievements include serving as an ambassador for the New York Design Center and her participation in the Kips Bay Decorator’s Showhouse Dallas, where her captivating ombre pink stairway design made a memorable entrance moment.

Shifting Gears: Christina Kim Shares How Her Design Firm is Making an Intentional Brand Shift

Get inspired as Tori shares her innovative approach to storytelling through photography, unveiling the power of capturing emotion, authenticity, and the essence of design in every frame.


Design today is an exciting challenge as we navigate the ever-growing influence of AI and new tools that are reshaping our creative landscape. We’re in a race to keep up with the pace of innovation, all while global uncertainties touch our economy and client behavior. Budget-consciousness is becoming a trend, and large projects can sometimes feel daunting. You’ve got this! In our post-pandemic world, clients are eager for quick results. This may seem at odds with the thoughtful and deliberate process of interior design, but it’s an opportunity for us to flex our creative muscles without compromising quality.

Christina believes in a touch of authenticity and a nod to the roots of design. She underscores the need to take a breather in the creative journey to allow innovative and personal ideas to bloom. Striking this harmony between tech-brawn and human creativity could be our secret sauce in standing out in a bustling market.


The post-COVID-19 era has brought about a paradigm shift where clients are increasingly prioritizing:

  1. Cost
  2. Speed
  3. Efficiency

Christina realized that this change was more than a trend; it was a signal that her brand needed to evolve. Her clients were not just looking for design services; they were seeking solutions aligned with their new priorities. This realization sparked Christina’s journey towards transforming her brand.

Christina’s “Andre pink moment” project at the Dallas Kips Bay Show House is a key part of her brand. This work showed off her skill with bright colors and big patterns. She felt these elements were missing in her other work because of current trends towards white and minimalism.

So, stay true to your core while being open to change. It’s about saying “loudly and proudly” who you are as a designer, not conforming to trends or client demands that don’t align with your vision.

“I wanted to figure out how I could create that for myself and let my clients and potential clients know I am interested in this. I do want to explore color, pattern, and other things.”

Christina Kim


At the heart of any successful branding or rebranding endeavor lies the designer’s ability to introspect and critically assess where they stand in their career and how they feel about their work.

Designers are not just selling a service; they’re offering a vision, an experience, and an extension of their client’s identity. The challenge lies in staying true to one’s creative essence while adapting to changing market trends, client needs, and technological advancements. It’s about finding the right mix between keeping a familiar and beloved brand look and updating parts to attract new and current clients.

How do we do that? 

  • Conduct a thorough self-assessment to determine if the current brand aligns with where you are in your business and how you feel about it
  • Forecasting trends
  • Finding the right partners
  • How to communicate this change without alienating the existing clientele


For interior designers, a brand shift is a strategic step toward staying relevant, resonant, and competitive in a saturated market.

Kim, known for her innovative and client-focused design philosophy, infused her brand with a bold garnet red. This move reflected her style and set her apart in the industry.

By sharing her rebranding journey on social media, she prepared her clients for the change and engaged them in her evolution. Surprisingly, many clients who had worked with her on projects vastly different from her new aesthetic reached out with positive feedback, appreciating the authenticity and boldness of her new brand identity.

“Focus on authenticity and specificity in your branding. This approach ensures that your brand resonates with clients who share your values and aesthetic preferences, making the connection more meaningful and the projects more fulfilling.”

Christina Kim


Every interaction with clients should feel personal, and every chat with our clients should feel like a friendly catch-up. By putting art and personal touch at the heart of Christina’s brand, she stands out from the crowd, offering a refreshing alternative to the often impersonal, one-size-fits-all designs generated by AI.

Christina’s dedication to keeping it real and staying creative stands out. By shaking off the shackles of standardized messaging and embracing a more personal, artful outlook, Christina is rewriting the rulebook for interior design branding.

“Time becomes such a big thing. You can’t turn out your best design without someone cracking a whip for faster results.”

Christina Kim

Good luck, and let me know how these tips help you to grow your community!

Until next time, take one new action that lifts your brand!

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