Capturing the Revival: Latest trends through a photographer’s lens

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Design by Vicki Kelly Decor, Photography by Tori Sikkema Photography

The world of interior design is ever-changing, and as a professional photographer specializing in capturing the essence of interior spaces, I’ve had the unique opportunity to witness remarkable trends making a comeback. For interior designers, architects, and the hospitality industry, staying current with the latest trends is essential to creating captivating spaces that resonate with today’s aesthetic. Here’s a look at the latest design trends from Milan to New York City:

Design by Moss Design, Photography by Tori Sikkema Photography

1. The 70s Decade Revival

The vibrant style of the 1970s is making a bold return with its distinctive patterns, rich earthy tones, and a various textures. Think geometric wallpaper, velvet furniture, mushroom lighting, and an array of warm colors like mustard yellow, burnt orange, and deep browns. As a lifestyle photographer, the combination of retro design and modern appeal allows me to capture the seamless integration of nostalgia and contemporary design.

Design by Elissa Grayer Interior Design, Photography by Tori Sikkema Photography

2. Wallpaper’s Stylish Comeback

Wallpaper is back in Vogue. With designs ranging from bold, eye-catching prints to subtle, textured designs, the possibilities are endless when creating a unique interior with wallpaper. The technological advancements of wallpaper and its durability on wallspace have shifted consumer behavior to welcoming scenic wallpaper in homes, commercial spaces, and boutique hotels. Wallpaper can serve as a focal point or as a complimentary background, and photographing its textures and patterns can add depth and personality to any interior.

Design by @a8residential, Photography by Tori Sikkema Photography

3. Embracing Low Profile Seating

As the retro design and eye-catching prints are making a resurgence, minimalism still remains influential, with low-profile seating at the forefront. Sleek, low to the ground sofas and chairs create an open atmosphere while offering an elegant look. These pieces often feature understated designs which are perfect for highlighting in professional interior design, architectural, and lifestyle photography to showcase the spaciousness and modernity of an interior.

With the evolution of design trends comes the opportunities for creating beautiful visual stories through lifestyle photography. Whether you’re designing a retro-themed living room, a minimalist office space, or a cozy hotel lobby, capturing these trends with a professional touch can showcase these trends beautifully. By staying on top of the latest interior trends, you can craft spaces that are both visually appealing and memorable. Experience the expertise of Tori Sikkema Photography and discover the beauty of interior design through her lens.

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Design by Vicki Kelly Decor, Photography by Tori Sikkema Photography

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