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So you want to

get your design work published this year?

There are a multitude of opportunities for your interior design project(s) to be seen by the world! Having your design project(s) published leads to more inquiries, which leads to more bookings.

Having a professional curated presence and exposure gives your brand distinction introduces the world to who you are and what you do.

If you are a photographer, interior designer, architect, builder, or you are just starting your business, my goal is to help you incorporate my workflow of success into your existing process. For some, rethinking your process will be a paradigm shift in the way you approach marketing your brand and your design projects.

But don’t think you have to do all this on your own. I am here to provide the blueprint: a six-step guide to help get you published.

Six S's of Success to Get Published

As a Designer, Builder or Architect

House Tours
Story Features
Design Blogs
Video Home Tours
You Tube Design Channels
Manufacturer | Vendor Partnerships

I want you to expand your definition of media channels and “published” to include online opportunities:

I cannot wait for YOU to begin working intentionally with marketing your design projects and converting your hard work onto the pages and screens for your audience to enjoy your work and connect with you for their next project.

I am here to help you navigate the vast opportunities and work it takes to submit for such opportunities.

As an interior | brand photographer + stylist with 20 years of marketing expertise, I will share my insights on how to align yourself and your brand for success with publications and editors.

Tori Sikkema

For photographers, interior designers, architects, and builders


Why should you trust me?

Well, when I left my full-time gig and picked up a camera to start my business, within six months I was published in six different publications. Stated differently, I helped six of my interior design clients get published within six months of starting my business.

Remember that marketing expertise I spoke about? Well, that know-how is what differentiates me from other interior photographers. I leverage my experience to help YOU get seen and get published so you get booked by YOUR dream clients. I don’t win until you win; it is a collaboration, a partnership, and I help your design projects shine in the best professional light.

So put down your inhibitions and let's explore the possibilities.

The six S's of success

—1. S is for Story
—2. S is for Scouting
—3. S is for Styling
—4. S is for Shot List
—5. S is for Shooting
—6. S is for Submitting

Inside the Guide


unlock the 7th S: Strategy

1:1 Strategy Session with me include:
—45 minute content collection Zoom session
—One week later, another 60-90 min. Zoom walk-thru of a curated strategy plan


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