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Generation Z is the most influential group on TikTok. Learn 4 tips on how to grow your presence on TikTok from Grant Sikkema, business student.

How TikTok and Instagram Revolutionize Your Brand Presence. Four Tips from Grant Sikkema

Social Media Marketing

Four Tips on how to grow your TikTok

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Neil is also inviting us to join the upcoming events at Universal’s Learning Center, where we can experience designer-focused panels and discussions and meet known personalities.

Neil MacKenzie, Vice President of Marketing for Universal Furniture


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Maggie Brittain, Owner, Chesterfield Organizing Co. Maggie Brittian is the owner of Chesterfield Organizing Co.,  ​She is a visual problem solver, and a homebody at heart. ​Professional Organizer and Clutter Guide/Coach and a wife of an outdoor enthusiast, a mother of four active humans, and one lazy pup, creating peaceful and clutter-free spaces is a must […]

How to Declutter Your Work Space and Increase Productivity


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Reaching my goals in my first year wasn’t easy, and yet I did it anyway. Want to know how you can have success in the first year? Here’s a look into my first year of business, how I found success and how you can do it too. Listen to the podcast here: My road to […]

5 Steps I Took In My First Year To Be a Success


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Tori Sikkema, Interiors | Branding Photographer Starting over later in life, finding joy, success, and how you can do this too! Listen to the Brand Lift Podcast here: I’m Tori Sikkema, an interiors and branding photographer who started a successful photography career later in life. In just one year I got my work published in […]

The Biggest Thing I Overcame When Starting Over


Visual Markeing Tips to help you grow your business

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"As a young professional, I was in need of pictures for my LinkedIn and website. Tori helped me develop my personal brand, which allowed us to create images that truly speak to who I am! Working with Tori was so much fun! All pictures came across relaxed and natural."

"Tori is talented, kind and was so much fun to work with. She had so many great ideas of different poses & styles for the pictures and she also let us do anything we wanted as well. Her suggestion of location was awesome for us. Tori provided us with so many photos that we love!"
—The Van Saders

"What a delight it was to work with Tori. She is focused & personable and offers the most cutting edge photo options! All of our proofs were gorgeous! We had so many that we loved to choose from! Great work Tori, Thank you!!"

"She is professional and a talented photographer! Tori is creative and makes suggestions during photo shoot. Tori takes pride in her work. She made me feel relaxed and at ease. Tori is a pleasure to deal with and you will not be disappointed with her work."

“Tori is a storyteller and has the technical ability, eye, and a way to make people feel at ease while photographing them. As a photographer, that is key so the person/people look as natural as can be.”

—Debra L Rothenberg, Independent Photography Professional/Author/Speaker 

"Tori takes the time to understand your business and the message you want to convey with your branding and photos. She is professional and conscientious. She captured my products beautifully."
— Ellen Karcher, Pleasant Valley Lavender