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Growing up in Freehold, NJ, Ariana loves waking up early to watch the sunrise with a fresh hot cup of coffee in her hand at the Jersey Shore near Asbury Park and Ocean Grove. So on a sunkissed morning in May, we met in Ocean Grove at Odyssey Coffee for her coffee, jersey shore-inspired personal branding photoshoot! 

“I would often wake up at 5:30 am to see the sunrise. I love the whole area of Ocean Grove & Asbury Park. I cherish the vibes and memories that Ocean Grove and Asbury Park resonate within my soul: the art and the culture.”


Ariana greeted me with her effervescent smile, which immediately gave me a sense that the morning would be relaxed, fun, and refreshing! Joey, the owner of Odyssey Coffee, soon entered through the front door with a mid-western welcome. Joey is a native Ohioan who earned his Ph.D. in Classics at The Ohio State University and opened Odyssey in 2019 amidst the pandemic. 

“I love coffee, and that is why I chose Odyssey Coffee. I was thrilled to learn that Ancient Greece inspires Joey, and I am Greek!”


Ariana is a Marketing Professional for a premier distributor of professional salon products in the U.S. who drives collaborative and innovative brand campaigns for her clients. She is regarded in her industry as a forward-thinker whose mantra “approach everything with process and positivity “resonates with people Ariana coaches and is her signature management style.

“Map out your process in life with every task you are faced with and apply it in a way you can achieve it while doing it with an open heart, enthusiasm, and positively. Ariana often reminds her team the “what we do makes people feel amazing. Everyone loves the way they feel when they leave the salon!”


It was important that Ariana’s photoshoot captures her soul essence. 

“I want to commemorate these milestones in life – an opportunity to capture life moments and who I am as a woman swimming in this new evolution post-pandemic. Noone is the same person they were a year ago, or even six months ago. I am recommitted and refocused to embrace what lies ahead.”


Enjoy some of my favorite images from Ariana’s brand shoot at Odyssey Coffee!

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