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Corinne Kaas, Harmonizing Homes

Living in Monmouth County, NJ, allows you to explore the beauty of central NJ, from horse country in Millstone and Colts Neck to the beach and Bayshore views of the Atlantic Highlands. It is in the Atlantic Highlands where I met up with Corinne and her team from Harmonizing Homes. Today, she was staging a $3.9 million compound on the hills overseeing Sandy Hook Bay.

“I find beauty in everything! Nature, people, and food! I am a first-generation American, and my family is from France and Italy. I have traveled Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. I have reinvented myself several times and have come full circle to where I started at a very young age as an inspiring interior designer.”


Corinne Kaas @harmonizinghomes is the CEO of Harmonizing Homes, Interior Design, and Home Staging. She has been focused on designing and merchandising resale properties since 2009 when she founded Harmonizing Homes. Having studied at the New York School of Interior Design, she brings her unique skills and creativity to every project, no matter the size. In addition to staging and designing homes, Corinne’s experience includes project management and full-service interior design services. Corinne is a visionary and advocates continuing education, leading her team by staying current and on-trend within her industry. 

“We provide a seamless experience both in our design work and styling work. Once the concept is accepted, we take control and deliver a beautiful product!”


To prepare for Corinne’s brand photoshoot, I researched her industry. I had her fill out a detailed questionnaire to help me dive deeper into her brand aesthetic to develop storylines and images that will resonate with her ideal clients so they can fall in love with her and her work. It was essential to create brand awareness, showcase her design services, grow her community, convert visitors into customers, and inspire and educate her audience.

“I am a creative, multi-hyphenated! I’m determined to be successful and make as many people happy as I can. I get excited on the weekend when I have time to prepare a beautiful meal for my family and friends. I love to make our event an experience with lighting, food, music, and lovely wine.”


I invite you into Corinne’s design world, so you can connect with her, follow her, and fall in love with her! I cannot wait to dive into our next project to showcase her designs further and help her grow her business in the Tri-state area! Here are just some of my favorite images from our shoot.

To connect with Corinne and her team at Harmonizing Homes, visit her website:

If you love Corinne’s branding session, let’s connect to schedule a branding or interiors session that highlights your business and tells your story to grow your audience and help your ideal clients fall in love with you and what you do!


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