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Interior Designer: Joanne Marino, The Beach Home/TBH Interiors, Lavallette, NJ

When Joanne Marino, proprietor of The Beach Home | TBH Interiors, in Lavallette, NJ, and I met, we had an immediate connection. I loved the classic coastal vibe of her designs and the furnishings in her design shop. We discussed documenting Joanne’s design projects and helping get her work published.

The Virginia Avenue project features spectacular custom millwork and high vaulted second-floor ceilings, custom finishes, and fixtures. Entering the space was a delight everywhere you looked and what came to mind was the ease with which the open floorplan felt incredibly cozy and welcoming. Joanne was intentional in delineating each space through her design choices and placement of furniture.

Joanne not only has a trained eye, but her sense of colors, patterns, and nature merge to create this peaceful retreat at the Jersey Shore!


 “I use white as the first layer on my canvas to begin designing. People think white is not a color, but for me, it’s what transforms your home because it allows light and sky to bounce off of your walls and your space to feel coastal and bright. From there, we can bring in accent colors, but light floors, light walls, light window treatments are how we transform a home.”

Joanne Marino

Joanne’s project and my interiors photography are featured in NJ Homes + Lifestyles Magazine @njhomes_magazine Publisher, Jeremy Finnell, AIA, is a licensed real estate agent and registered architect in the State of New Jersey and New York.

“NJ Homes + Lifestyles Managzine is dedicated to showcasing the best in design for New Jersey, the publication also serves as a definite guide to cultivating Garden State style, offering unmatched entree into the area’s most inspiring residences.”

Jeremy Finnell

The story behind each project is more than just about style, it’s the motivation and purpose behind each artistic decision you’ve made. I love to know why you chose specific finishes and fabrics. My process dives into the story behind each project so I can photograph every aspect that is most important.

Why? Because I want to get you published.

Each project has a story. I want to know the story behind your craft. Let’s chat!

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