Curious About What’s Inside My Styling Kit for an Interior Design Photoshoot?

Tori Sikkema: AD Published Interior, Architectural, and Lifestyle Photographer Shaping Spaces from NJ and Beyond

Design by Elissa Grayer Interior Design, Rye, NY Photography & Styling by Tori Sikkema

Step into the world of interior design photography and styling…

Each photo is a story waiting to be told, and every room is a canvas for creativity. Right here in Central NJ, I’m armed with my secret sauce – my trusty kit! Think of it as Mary Poppins’ bag of wonders, jam-packed with everything I need to weave magic into every interior design photoshoot and styling venture.

Here’s the scoop: my snack stash and that ever-present Stanley water bottle – because keeping the creative vibes flowing is essential for crafting spaces that truly pop. And guess what?

There’s an extra twist of fun – my portable JBL speaker cranking out Abba and other 70’s classics! Because who said styling can’t have its own rockin’ soundtrack?

Get ready to uncover the backstage pass to the captivating world of styling. It’s where the real adventure unfolds, turning everyday spaces into extraordinary stories, one click at a time.

In addition to my ThinkTank camera kit, Tenba Rolling Bag, and other photography gear, I never leave home without my shooting | styling kit. I have added to my list from each photoshoot: from protein balls & hydration to a handheld steamer for organic cotton duvets.

These items are essential to have a seamless and productive interior photoshoot.

Gaffer Tape – I use this to secure any cords on the floor so no one trips.

Extension and Charging Cords: You don’t get through a full-day shoot without recharging, girl!

Blue Painters Tape: For my contractor garbage bags, of course.

JBL Speaker: I love me some Abba, so don’t judge me! #flowerpower

Tape Measure: I like my shots to be precise.

Conair Turbo Extreme Steamer: A Cotten Duvet looks great, but they are a ton of work, along with all other bedding and euro shams. It is helpful to have an extra set of hands just for steaming!

Swiffer Duster Kit: Don’t rely on Photoshop…clean it up before you click!

Command Strips in so many sizes.

Glass Cleaner Wipes and roll of paper towels – you never want a dirty counter or TV/computer screen.

Swiffer Mop Starter Kit: Yes, I can clean debris up in Photoshop, but why???

Utility Knife: Saves your hands.

Cordless Craft Scissors: if you need to cut through rugs or something thick.

Floral Wire: This is great in a pinch for hanging picture frames to tie eucalyptus in a shower!

Contractor Garbage Bags: I use these to block light based on each image’s time of day and composition goals.

Pink Tool Kit: Everything from an Allen wrench, tape measure, and level to every command strip imaginable, I am ready to hang art and tighten my tripod. 

Furniture Slides: Styling and photography require moving lots and lots of furniture. These are back savers.

Step Stool – I am petite at 5’2”, so this is a must for getting that perfect shot.

Moving Blanket: Protect the floors.

Shoe Covers : Be respectful and protect the floors.

Pair of socks: Going barefoot all day on hardwood floors is tough;

Professional Sharp Pruning Shears – I’m famous for going out into nature to source my greenery and branches for props! The sharper, the better.

Handheld vacuum, or ask if you can use the homeowners!

Styling Essentials for Interior Design Photoshoots

Throw Blanket – You can never, ever, ever have enough throw blanket options. They add texture, pattern, and color, breaking up a chaise bed or basket. Here is a little secret…go to Ikea! Yes, you heard me, Ikea. Please keep them in your trunk at ALL times because they are my secret weapon for styling!

Organic signs of life – plants, large potted plants, fresh greens and flowers for cutting, especially baby’s breath and eucalyptus! Every room should have sign of life!

These items are just the tip of the iceberg for my interior design photoshoots! I also have hair spray, safety pins, straight pins, Bobbi pins, double stick tape, Tide stain stick, and a comb. I always get designer images, so I have some “just in case” items for beautifying and taming flyaway hair.

Before I forget, I want to share my favorite peanut/almond butter protein balls recipe inspired by Batch in Manasquan, NJ. I never leave home without my Lily Pulitzer cooler bag with healthy treats and water.

Peanut Butter Protein Balls

(yields approx. 1 dozen balls)

1 cup peanut or almond butter

¼ cup honey

½ cup Orgain vanilla protein powder

⅓ cup mini chocolate chips

2 tsp. Vanilla

1-⅓ -½ cups gluten-free Quaker Oats (purple label)

¼ cup chia seeds (optional)

Pinch of salt

Add the peanut or nut butter, honey, rolled oats, chia seeds, vanilla protein powder, and salt into a medium mixing bowl until combined using a wooden or rubber spatula.

Add your chocolate chips last and gently fold them in until evenly combined.

Use a cookie scoop or a tablespoon to form 2” round balls and place them on a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Once all the balls are formed, please put them in the fridge overnight, and voila, you have a protein-packed on-the-go snack!

Being a professional interior design photographer begins with being prepared for every situation. I would love to learn more about the projects you want to capture for your portfolio.

Each interior design project has a story. I want to know the story behind your craft.

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