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Central NJ Interiors Photographer, Tori Sikkema

Interior Designers: Red Bank Design Center (RBDC) General Designers (GD)

VUE Media, Red Bank, NJ

“Before VUE Media made its home in Red Bank, New Jersey their office resided in Hoboken, New Jersey. Wanting to maintain a trendy, creative, and comfortable space for their employees and themselves, VUE co-founders, Jason Underberg and Brian Kovener were on the hunt for a design company that would be able to find a chic balance between their past and future as a company.”

Brianna Robertiello, VUE Media

The designer(s) behind the successful office design is Amy Manor of Red Bank Design Center (RBDC) and her team of General Designers (GD). Jason, Brian, and Amy’s visions aligned, and so the project began! RBDC and team of GDs are committed to reimagining spaces for their clients, homeowners, and builders.

“My inspiration for the VUE design project was my relationships!”

Amy Manor, RBDC

The first person Amy turned to was Steve Ricci, Ricci Sales, to collaborate on a lighting plan for the industrial vibe of the space, which was to be VUE media headquarters.

“Working with Amy and our partners at Red Bank Design Center on the Vue media offices we knew right away we wanted to make a bold statement with our selections. Podcasts/Media is all about being heard, we wanted the lighting to do the same, lighting that made some noise. Hudson Valley Lighting, revered for their impeccable quality and on trend designs, were a perfect pairing for this project. We went with a bold contrasting theme of black and gold finishes for a sharp / sophisticated vibe along with playful designs such as our show stopping “Sparta” & “Tribeca” chandeliers. While our “Charm” pendants over the conference table and “Ace” chandelier serve as a playful nod to that of microphones. Lighting that was all things fun, fashionable, and functional.”   

Ricci Sales

“I think I am most proud of bringing a community of General Designers, trade professionals, and vendors together for a common purpose; to support Jason & Brian, create an anchor in the community using Red Bank as a hub.” ‘I never lost sight of my vision for the VUE project, even with things looked uncertain due to the pandemic. I believed in Jason’s vision for his magazine and designing an office space that functioned for his staff, podcasts studio, and clients. I love the magazine. Jason has a cool approach to his business. The content is cleaver and edgy. The quality of his pages rival a national magazine right here in Red Bank as its hub.”

Amy Manor, RBDC

VUE Office
Vendor Partners

HUDSON VALLEY LIGHTING | RICCI SALES Hudson Valley, the Lighting Standard
Ricci Sales
Infinite Audio Video Solutions
Daniel P. Tapolow, Technical Contractor, Owner | @infiniteavsolutions
Janell Keneske

Ellen Catanzaro Fine Art

I invite you to read the entire article in Spring 2022 of VUE NJ to see all the vendors that participated in the collaboration with RBDC to make this dream a reality for Jason and Brian to REDEFINE Red Bank.

A HUGE Thank you to Amy, Zac, Jason, and Brian for the opportunity to photograph such a cool project and showcase my talent as an interiors photographer!

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Enjoy images from the photoshoot!

Jessica Masson, Steven Ricci (Hudson Valley Lighting) Teri Lodato (General Designer)
Amy Manor (CEO, General Designer)
Tram-Anh Poprik (General Designer)
Janell Keneske (Artist, Muralist)
Daniel Tapolow (Infinate Audio Video)

“Charm” pendants over the conference table by Hudson Valley Lighting

Ellen Catanzaro Fine Art
Sparta Chandelier, Hudson Valley Lighting
Television-stand smart home automation powered by the tech experts at Infinite Audio& Video.

“Ace” chandelier serve as a playful nod to that of microphones.

by Hudson Valley Lighting
“My design inspiration came from wanting to capture the buzz of the city.”Tram-Anh Poprik, General Designer Mural by Janell Keneske.

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