House on the Bay

Joanne Marino, owner, The Beach Home

Captured by Tori Sikkema, Interiors Photographer

Bay Watch

When I was vacationing with my family last summer in Lavallette, NJ, a friend and I walked into The Beach Home, where I met Joanne Marino for the first time. My girlfriend used to work for her and recommended I stop in, so I did! Joanne and I hit it off, so we began our friendship and partnership to show her beautiful design projects!

The Bay Watch project in northern Lavallette was our first project, and Joanne trusted my vision for telling the story of the home on the bay. Joanne’s energy and drive were a perfect match for our partnership. When working with an interiors photographer, your personalities must complement one another. Communicating is essential to the success of the photoshoot, always!

When the homeowners of Bay Watch walked into The Beach Home, they were looking for help to realize their vision for their new home, which was under construction with Chap Construction.

 “The property wasn’t much more than a framed structure but immediately breathtaking, and I thought, well, we need to do something special, but we can’t take away from what makes the house special, which is the views. It was all about the windows and the water and bringing in colors and fabrics that accentuate the blue & green in the mossy island across the water..”


Challenges are, of course, part of the building process. It is how you frame, manage, and resolve them that is important!

“Working with coffered ceilings, putting fans in the ceiling that was not going to take away from the design. A plain white ceiling fan was going to interrupt the millwork. Playing off the antique railroad tie mantle, we selected fans that had this drip wood finish that matches the mantle.”


I invite you to read the entire feature in the Spring 2022 issue of NJ Home Magazine. The article details more about the project and images of the design details.

Designer: Joanne Marino, Proprietor, The Beach Home/TBH Interiors,  Lavallette, NJ

Builder: Chap Construction, Lavallette, NJ

Architect: Craig Brearley Architects, Manahawkin, NJ

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Enjoy images from the photoshoot!

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