BOOGIE WONDERLAND, A House on Guilford | Interiors | Brand Shoot

Claude Duroseau, home design and lifestyle inspiration, and
reimagining a turnkey house into her family home.

Claude is a creator who thinks of ideas to elevate lifestyle, design, and experiences. She wants to share her ideas with her community, hoping they will be inspired!

Claude’s design inspiration comes from her former career as a stationery designer, planning and attending small events, and her heritage as a Haitian American living in New York.

Owning her first home in Forest Hills, NY, Claude can finally express herself through her home, making changes to walls, floors, and everything in between! 

Bling is her favorite word. As a self-described maximalist, she loves to layer patterns, textures, color, and art into her home designs.

”The tablescape wouldn’t be complete without a couple of disco balls. I love to bring the party to my home.” 


Her love of artwork stems from her parents owning an art gallery based in Canada. They used to go on expeditions to curate art. Most of the artwork they have curated is from Haiti, which connects her to her heritage.

We spent a lovely spring day together capturing Claude’s home, which she designed, and see what the published stationer is up to in “A House on Guilford.”

“My ideal client is a home design or lifestyle brand. My vision for my design and lifestyle brand is unique because my life experiences are different. I want to inspire, grow my community, educate, and connect with my ideal clients to help them realize their dreams.”


I am excited to share the images we captured and know that with her talent, business success, and heart, she will keep her audience wanting more!

You can connect with Claude on Instagram @ahouseonguilford!

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Enjoy images from the photoshoot!

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  1. Claude says:

    Seeing your beautiful blog post and these out of this world photos leave me literally speechless. You have captured everything from my story and my design aesthetic in the most authentic way! Seeing who you truly are is definitely a process and you Tori have been a tremendous force in helping me find my voice. I thank you for all the gently nudging in helping me becoming the me I am evolving into and also loving!

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