A Cozy Christmas at The Madison: Jean Stoffer’s Holiday Housewalk 

Tori Sikkema, AD Published Interior | Architectural | Lifestyle Photographer

All images taken with my iPhone!

Stroll Through with me

Step into the heartwarming embrace of Jean Stoffer’s home, The Madison, in Grand Rapids, MI, where Christmas is more than a celebration—it’s a blend of fresh, up cycled, vintage charm. As an interior, architectural, and brand photographer, I had the joy of an exclusive VIP tour. Here I share the simple magic that unfolded that evening. The guests came together with purpose in their minds and philanthropy in their hearts supporting CURE International @cureintl and The Potters House Grand Rapids @tphgr.

Upcycled & Repurposed Decor

The Christmas magic is woven from fresh greenery, cut from recycled materials, creating unique and sustainable touches. Each room at The Madison tells a story of creativity and resourcefulness, with decorations crafted from up cycled cuts. The result? A holiday wonderland that looks beautiful and carries a message of eco-conscious festivity.

Holiday Cocktails & Vintage Touches

The Madison is a treasure trove of vintage touches that bring warmth and comfort to the holiday season. From classic ornaments to repurposed decor, every corner exudes a sense of nostalgia. A cozy Christmas is complete with a delicious holiday cocktails. David, John, and Dan stirred up the espresso martinis, adding a perfect blend of merriment to the festivities.

A Nostalgic Homecoming

Returning to Grand Rapids, where I once lived, felt like a warm embrace from the past. The streets echoed with familiarity, and The Madison became a symbol of homecoming. The historical section of Grand Rapids, with its vintage charm, paired perfectly with the fresh and up cycled decor inside The Madison, weaving a harmonious blend of past and present.

Heartfelt Connections

Conversations with the Stoffer family revealed a genuine passion for design and hospitality. The warm welcome extended beyond the decor, making the experience truly special. In the midst of fresh greens, up cycled treasures, and vintage accents, the sense of togetherness was the most heartwarming decoration of all forging a meaningful tie between the bygone eras and the contemporary moment.

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