Meet Deirdre Carlough, Co-Founder, Carlough + Co., A Boutique Interior Design Studio

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Meet Deirdre Carlough, Co-founder, Carlough + Co., a boutique interior design studio with offices in Alexandria, VA and Glen Ridge, NJ.  whose mission is to bring joy to the home with spaces that are comfortable, infused with layers of pattern and texture, unexpected pieces, custom furnishings, bespoke accessories and original artwork. Deirdre and I had a chance to catch up before the holidays and I’m thrilled for you to get to know her and what inspires her creativity as a design professional.

Who or what inspired you to become a designer?

Growing up, my parents really enjoyed decorating and collecting antiques. Our home was really something they took a lot of pride in, and they also loved to entertain.   As a kid, I hated antiques- my parents were delighted when I started asking for their antique pieces for my first home! 

Some of my designer inspirations are, of course, Albert Hadley and Mark Sikes, Ashley Whitaker, and currently crushing on Katie Rosenfeld

How would you describe the vibe of your home and design aesthetic? 

My home is traditional and eclectic. I love a mix of antiques and new furniture. I love color and special pieces that make me happy, bring back memories, and evoke a special time. There’s a lot of our family’s personality woven throughout my home. 

What is your favorite color?

Green, but I don’t usually design with green. Blue, in all its different shades, always attracts me when it comes to fabrics. But lately, I have been into browns,  purples, and other jewel tones. 

A blue used in my home: Vanderberg Blue 

Do you have a favorite movie?

You’ve Got Mail  

What are you binging right now on any streaming service?

I am not much of a TV watcher. I’m too busy doing a million other things! And if I am relaxing, I prefer to read.  

Two of my favorite books read this year were purchased at my local bookstore! 

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow 

Great Circle 

 What is one of your guilty pleasures?

“Running errands” but actually going to an estate sale! 

If you have two hours all to yourself, no kiddos, and no work, how would you spend them? Playing Tennis. Then, I accidentally came upon an estate sale on the drive home! 

What is your favorite outfit?

I could never have a favorite, I am too fickle. I am really into the mini skirt these days. I have a silver mini skirt for the upcoming holidays that I can’t wait to pair with a tweed blazer and some fun boots!

I’ve been wearing this blazer on repeat, I would wear it over the dress below

Veronica Beard 

Vanderveen Dress

And of course, with my favorite boots of all time- they are SO comfortable, I can wear them for hours

Sarah Flint Boots

I love velvet this season; I’m planning on wearing this dress to our family Christmas brunch

Laurenne Dress

What is your favorite holiday tradition you celebrate with friends and family?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We usually host our extended family, and I love the prep the night before and how everyone comes together in the kitchen to help. Our town has a race in the morning, and we have a big party on our front lawn. All of our friends and neighbors came and had a drink, cheered on the runners, and enjoyed being together. For me, the best part of Thanksgiving is the opportunity to share it with so many special people in my life. 

If you are in Glen Ridge or the Montclair area on Thanksgiving, this is the link to the race:

Ashenfelter 8K

What is one holiday entertaining or design tip you want to share?

When hosting a party, prep as much as you can in advance, then once your guests are there- let the rest go. When the host is relaxed and having fun, everyone can relax and enjoy. Most people are just happy to be together- everything does not need to be perfect to have a good time. 

One of my favorite serving items, this was a wedding present and it’s been used for years  (15!)  but mostly for my children’s birthday cakes.  I love the dome for when we get to enjoy the leftover cake for a day or two! 

Isabella Cake Pedestal

Isabella Cake Dome

Deirdre is a talened interior designer who based in NJ and VA. You can connect with her through:




Here are some incredible images from a

Montclair Design Project, enjoy!

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