Cara Shahbandi, Stanton Home Designs Shares Christmas Traditions

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Tell us a little bit about YOU?

Making a career change from fashion to interior design stemmed from wanting to help people create spaces that they love and that reflect their unique personality. Every space has the potential to be transformed into a beautiful and functional environment, and I am passionate about working with clients to achieve this transformation.

I am a mother to two kids; a 7 year old daughter named Chloe and a 5 year old son named Matthew. They are my world and keep me VERY busy! I love being a mother to my kids all while still maintaining focus on myself and my business. I am also a wife to a surgeon. I think the brain of a creative and the brain of a doctor tend to think very differently  but I think that’s why they say opposites attract 🙂

How would you describe the vibe of your home and design aesthetic?

I would describe the vibe of my home as a warm welcoming hug. I think a home should be a comfortable place where you can be yourself and a place where visitors feel comfortable as well. My design aesthetic I would describe as warm, timeless, traditional elements, light, and incorporating vintage pieces in each space.

How do you decorate for the holidays?

In our front living room we have a tree that the kids get to decorate on their own whatever way they want ( usually filled with their most prized ornaments they made at school from previous years). In the back living room I like to decorate the tree using flocked ornaments, silver and gold ornaments, touches of burgundy using faux floral stems, and a star on top. One treasured addition to my ornament collection is a Kelly Ventura Hand painted hydrangea ornament. They always sell out so fast and I acquired two from her collection. This year I also added real wreaths to every window on the outside of my house, I love the traditional Christmas charm it gives to my house. 

What is your favorite holiday movie?

Without a doubt, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The movie is hilarious but has a beautiful story of a dad trying to make Christmas magical for his kids! Click on the link and read a great House Beautiful article, “45 Christmas Vacation Quotes That Embody What It’s Like to Be Home for the Holidays!

What will you be wearing this holiday season?

For the holidays I love wearing traditional reds, greens, black, but also anything sparkly! I love my Maje Satin Dress paired with suede camel boots for a sophisticated and elegant look.

Bow Sweater

Gold Earrings

Dot tights

Black bow sweater

Red lace top

High rise denim

What is your favorite holiday tradition you celebrate with friends and family?

We just started incorporating Elf on the Shelf for my kids, who love it. To see the looks on their faces every morning to see what the Elf has done or moved to is priceless. They named him Candy Cane 🙂

What is one holiday entertaining or design tip you want to share?

Hosting a party can be overwhelming! My tip is to outsource things where you can and to remember to enjoy yourself, focus on having meaningful conversations with your guests rather than the dishes in the sink 🙂 

Cara is a talented interior designer who based in NJ. You can connect with her through:




Let Cara inspire your holiday tablescape, enjoy!

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