Your Guide to Pitching Your Home to House Beautiful

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Your Guide to Pitching Your Home to House Beautiful

So your dream is to get published in House Beautiful this year!  I’m here to help navigate you through the process by giving you some shortcuts.

Set the Stage with Your Unique Space by Telling a Compelling Story

Before we dive into the details, ensure you’ve got a home, kitchen, or room that’s House Beautiful worthy. We’re talking about spaces that stand out, have compelling stories, and resonate with the House Beautiful readership and audience vibe.

Professional Interior Desing Photography Only – No iPhones Allowed

Ensure you submit professional interior design photography. House Beautiful won’t settle for anything less, so leave those iPhone shots for Instagram and TikTok!

Craft a Tale That Speaks to HB Readers

What makes your design pop? Whether it’s the vintage rug blending with modern vibes or the century-old beam stealing the show, find your hook. Create a story that resonates with House Beautiful’s audience and editors.

Dive In and Submit Your Project

Ready to shine? Click the link below to access House Beautiful’s submission form. It’s a breeze; you’ve got this!

👉 Submit Your Project to House Beautful

Spill the Beans – Editors Love Details

Get specific! Fill out each section of the form thoroughly. When showcasing your masterpiece through photos, opt for PDF format. Keep it snappy – max four images per page, and keep the document under 10MB.

Hit Submit and Get Ready for the Spotlight

Once you hit that submit button, expect a confirmation email. House Beautiful’s editorial team will review new pitches and decide where your project shines brightest.

No Need to Stress “Print or Digital”

Don’t worry about categorizing your pitch – whether it’s a “print pitch” or something else, let the editors figure it out during their meetings.

Be Patient, but Not Forever

If three months pass without a word, consider it an open invitation to explore other fantastic opportunities. Your project deserves the spotlight, no matter where it finds it.

Cheers to Your Bold Move

Congrats! You’ve officially decided to submit your incredible design project to House Beautiful. I’m cheering you on!

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