Hotel Lulu, Boutique Hotel, Round Top, TX, Population 90!

Tori Sikkema, AD Published Interior | Architectural | Lifestyle Photographer

I had the pleasure of capturing an interior photoshoot at Boutique Hotel Lulu, situated just outside Austin, TX. My focus is in capturing interior, architecture, and lifestyle photography for residential, commercial, and the design community.

Round Top, with its population of 90, provided the backdrop for this interior/architecture photoshoot. Hotel Lulu, a boutique retreat, emerged as a captivating subject. Picture this – 14 rooms nestled in 6 bungalows, a serene pool, a thoughtfully arranged herb garden, and a formal garden adding to the overall charm.

My lens captured Hotel Lulu’s moody and rich interior spaces that define its character. Every detail became an opportunity to showcase the boutique hotel’s allure with a professional touch.

This photoshoot is more than just a showcase of skills; it’s a visual story, an exploration of the charm and character embedded in Hotel Lulu. The resulting images offer a glimpse into the tranquility of Round Top, creating an immersive experience for design enthusiasts and those seeking a retreat in the heart of Texas.

Enhoy each photograph of Hotel Lulu’s charm and character.

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