How to connect with your ideal clients…

Where are they hiding?

Come out, come out wherever you are! Have you wondered where your ideal clients are hiding? If you are like me, I asked how I would attract my ideal client and get bookings for my branding and interiors photography business. 

I know what all the “experts” were saying on social media:

  1. You need to have the write brand logo, branding colors, gorgeous website, and copy to attract your ideal clients;
  2. You need to “show up” every day on social media, so they know you are committed;
  3. You must be perfect and not messy; only post pretty and positive!

Well, I am here to share, demystify what the so-called experts are saying and share what is working for me in my business.

I am honest on social media. I show up authentically with a humanizing glimpse into my business and life. I don’t over-share with my audience, but I don’t pretend that my life is perfect, far from it.

I picked some neutral colors that I liked and called it a day. As for a logo, go on Pinterest and identify three fonts you want and incorporate them into your website. And copy how you communicate with your audience. I use my phone to record myself or use the microphone to take notes to talk on topics I connect with and then translate them into my IG captions and website content. 

So now, believe it or not, you are ½ way there to finding your ideal clients. Now you need to connect with other people. If your ideal clients have a presence on IG, then reach out and DM them and tell them what you like about their feed. Your sincerity will go a long way in winning a new friend. If you have something to share that will enrich their business, then share it. They may need to hear it and have been waiting for someone like you to reach out!

Join FB groups where your clients live and engage in the discussions. Share your ideas and talk about what you can offer them. If you can solve their challenge, then you are a valuable asset. So you are not “selling” them on your business; you are engaging with people that value your insights and ideas. Get get em; you’ve got this.

Reach out and tell me how it is going. You can find me on Instagram @torisikkemaphotography or drop me a message via I will also be chatting with friends LIVE on IGTV!

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