6 Ways to Create a Bespoke Outdoor Entertaining Space

There is nothing like the sweet taste of white peach and rosemary cocktail while relaxing in the sunshine on the summer deck. The cold days are behind us and the sunshine is here, which means it’s time to step outside and enjoy the fullness of life and fresh summer air. 

What better way to celebrate the start of summer than to invite your friends and family to gather around your outdoor spaces, cocktails in hand, and break bread together.

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As someone who loves design and creating warm and inviting spaces, I’d like to share a few simple ways you can create a space just as inviting as the inside of your home (or maybe even more inviting). 

Here are 6 ways to create a bespoke outdoor entertaining space that will inspire your guests, while enjoying a great sunset:

1. Ground the space with a rug, pillows, and throw.

Adding pieces like a rug, pillows and a throw will invite your visitors outside while subtly suggesting that they should stay always. Creating an outdoor space similar to your well-designed inside spaces warms up any deck or patio and truly makes it feel like home.

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2. Design a tablescape in a neutral palette.

While summer is all about those vibrant colors at the beach, it’s important to keep your outdoor space in a neutral palette if you are hoping to create a space that encourages you to breathe. Natural tones, like greens and blues, allow us to relax and take in the summer sunshine to the fullest. The Larkspur Pillow and Sur Throw by The Mercantile by TCDS add a special touch to this bespoke outdoor entertaining space.

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3. Add lanterns to create the perfect glow. 

As you enjoy the warm summer sunset, think about creating a matching glow with lanterns. Creating a glow invites intimate conversation long into the summer nights. In the daytime, they add an extra touch to your tablescape.

Find these antique brass lanterns and all of the serveware at The Mercantile by TCDS.

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4. Serve a charcuterie board as a starter. 

We can’t forget the snacks when entertaining. A charcuterie board offers an elegant offering to your guests. When choosing meats, cheeses, nuts, and fruits, think about how they complement each other and your drinks. Not sure where to start? Hire a pro to create a fantastic board for you.

Charcuterie Board & Artisan Bread created by Kneaded by Lady J, Brielle, NJ: https://kneadedbyladyj.com/

Let Joyce create the perfect board for your gathering.

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5. Welcome guests with a signature cocktail.

Speaking of drinks, I love a signature cocktail. Signature cocktails invite your guests into your world. They tell a little secret about who you are and how you like to celebrate summer. My favorite summer cocktail? White Peach Rosemary Cocktail. I’ve included the recipe below!

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6. Surround the space with organics & florals. 

Plants instantly bring calmness to your space while also helping it feel more intimate. The white and green combination is one of my favorites. This floral arrangement filled with peonies, sweet william, and tropical variegated leaves by Sieck-Wright Floral elevates the space while providing that little touch of tropical summer.

Flowers sourced at Sieck-Wright Floral: https://sieck.com/

Etu Artisian Glass Vase available here: https://themercantilebytcds.com/

Recipe for signature cocktail:

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  1. Fill a chilled glass with cubed ice and add GREY GOOSE® Essences White Peach & Rosemary.
  2. Top with soda water.
  3. Then simply garnish with white peach, rosemary, and an orange twist.

At only 73 calories per serving, you’ll be savoring every sip.

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Find my favorite outdoor bespoke outdoor entertaining items here:

Tablescape created by The Mercantile by TCDC, Red Bank, NJ: https://themercantilebytcds.com/

Larkspur Pillow, Sur Throw

Calaisio Table and Serveware

Castillian Glassware

Pebble Carafe

Napkin Rings

White Linen Napkins

Oak Park Hurricane

Antique Brass Lanterns

Matte Gold Cheese Set

The Journal


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