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I’m preparing to travel to High Point, NC, on October 21 @ 4:00 pm EST to speak at Universal Furniture’s Learning Center at Fall Market, and I want streamlined, effortless, modern yet classic, and chic looks! So here are some looks that I’ve assembled from my closet to help me travel smart for a transitional season like fall.

First, what is a capsule wardrobe?

Consider versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched for multiple looks. I like neutral colors because they blend easily and look chic and modern.

I’m going to be busy at Fall Market between speaking, networking, and visiting manufacturing showrooms, I need to be comfortable and stress-free, and I don’t want to spend my time thinking about what I need to wear each day.

The weather will also vary between New Jersey and North Carolina, so layers will help keep my looks weather-friendly for sunny, rainy, and cooler days.

What’s in my capture wardrobe?

Versatile and transitional pieces that work for warm and cooler weather should make up a capsule wardrobe for fall. I chose a long classic camel coat by Gentle Herd, which is perfect for the changing climate, and a classic ivory basketweave blazer by Banana Republic. Additionally, a few pairs of versatile bottoms, such as dark wash wide-leg jeans and black lululemon leggings, will work to create many outfits.

My fall capsule wardrobe for NC is simple and neutral but also fits my lifestyle. My goals are simple. I have to travel, so I want a comfortable, put-together look for the plane and driving. Second, I need a dressier look for my speaking engagement; then, I need a look that will take me from day to night, walking from showroom to showroom and meeting with people and going for coffee and drinks have a socialite lifestyle; you will likely want more dressy or formal options.

Read below to understand how each piece in the capsule has been thoughtfully chosen and is perfect for fall. And learn how you can adapt the pieces to suit your individual needs. 

Looks for Travel Days

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Look for Speaking Engagement

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*no longer available in this color – Alternative choice 1 and choice 2

Looks for Exploring High Point Fall Market

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*Color alternative

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I hope to meet new friends and instill some of what I have learned to help creative entrepreneurs, designers, architects, and builders grow their businesses by telling their visual stories and developing a professional social media presence!

Be sure to register for the event!

If you cannot make it, I’ve got you covered, Check out my Ultimate Guide: Six S’s of Success to Get Published!

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