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Nutritionist | Dietitian Brand Photographer NJ | NY | PA | CT | A Nutritionist | Dietitian Brand & Lifestyle Photoshoot With Focused on Wellness Personal Trainer | Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist

When Valerie contacted me about some photography for her nutritionist, wellness, and personal training business, our conversation struck a chord with me. Valerie and I connected on so many levels: both have a positive outlook on life, we love working with women and creating a community for all to thrive and excel personally and professionally, and both are in their 50s! Valerie is a mom to fur babies, and she and her fiance have big plans for their future!

Valerie needed personal brand photography for her website and social media accounts to launch her business, Focused on Wellness!

I love supporting women toward their dreams of following a new creative career later in life – it’s been life-changing for me since leaving the corporate world. I am grateful daily for the opportunity to do what I love and work with amazing women like Valerie!

We shot the photoshoot at one of Valerie’s best friend’s houses in Skillman, NJ. Her best friend referred me after doing an interior photoshoot of several design projects a few months earlier. Having this home as our location helps tell the narrative around her brand story and allows for variety in brand and lifestyle photography.

If you’re a nutritionist, registered dietitian, or personal trainer instructor looking for a personal brand photographer, I’d be delighted to hear from you. Let’s chat about how I can support your business to shine!

I invite you to look around my website and schedule a discovery call. Let me help you gain more visibility for your brand and let your dream clients fall in love with YOU!

That’s all for now…here are some of those gorgeous images!

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