Must Have Images for Your Branding Session

Hi! I’m Tori Sikkema

I am happiest when I am being creative. I wasn’t always a photographer. I began my career as a national account manager for Sutter Home Winery. I came alive when I was developing, maintaining, and growing relationships. I coordinated white-glove experiences for my corporate clients at the winery. Later, I owned a pilates studio for 13 years and loved the independence of being a small business owner and helping people transform their bodies while practicing mindfulness. I truly understand the demands of being a businesswoman, with all the ups and downs.

Now I have the opportunity to combine my client relations, creativity, and passion for photography. My sessions build through the story of who you are. It’s Contrology; a choreographed dance of transitioning from one movement to the next. I’ve brought a disciplined method to my photography because of my business and pilates training. I take command but in a fun way. I’m real, authentic and I’m offering you my expertise.  

My absolute favorite part of my job is preparing for your branding photoshoot and getting to know you by developing a workflow binder, shot list, organizing props, and coordinating outfits. Through my hands-on approach, I find the relaxed, relatable and softer side of yourself to match your strong businesswoman side. Allowing people to get to know who you truly are makes them into super fans. Here’s what that looks like in terms of Must-Have Images for your Branding Session:

My brainstorming list of ideas

  • What Inspires your creativity?
  • How did you get started on your entrepreneural journey?
  • What sets you apart from others?
  • What are your business and personal aspirations?
  • Who inspires you and is your biggest cheerleader?

Here are a few shots I make sure to capture at every session:

  • Business | Lifestyle Headshot
  • Behind-The-Scenes Shot
  • Client engagement
  • Lifestyle/Relaxed/Chilled out Shot
  • Personality/Playful Shot
  • Marketing Collateral Shot
  • You in action with your product
  • Tools of your craft
  • Where the magic happens
  • You in front of the camera
  • Getting out the door
  • Coffee anyone?

You are unique, beautiful and you have a story people are dying to know! Let me help you tell your story and bring your creativity to so many more people. 

Each of my sessions includes a consultation so I can truly understand your brand and what your business needs. Together we create a plan for your branding session.

Just like how everything you create is designed for a purpose, your photography session will be designed for you.

P.S. Want to chat about a branding session? Click here to fill out the contact form and let’s do this!

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