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Maggie is the owner of Chesterfield Organizing Co. @chesterfieldorganizingco,  an in-person professional organizer and closet designer based in Chesterfield, NJ. She is a wife and mom of four kiddos and loves to help her clients declutter and organize to reclaim spaces and leave room in your home for that matters most!

“Because I know how overwhelming it can be for some people to start the process on their own or find the time to do it. I also realize organizing doesn’t come naturally to everyone and I’ve lived my life loving to help others.”


Maggie also offers an on-line organizing course, COCO Organized, which is a 4-week course to help you clear the clutter and come home to calm!

“I believe my special sauce is that I listen, guide, support, and encourage people to dispose of clutter and with it the sense of chaos, which leaves you frustrated and discouraged. I have the ability to recognize alternative solutions and create a full service from start to finish.”


Maggie had a clear vision for her brand photoshoot with an overreaching vibe of relaxing, approachability, professionalism, trustworthiness, warm & friendly, and fun!

If you want to reach out to Maggie, you can check out her Instagram @chesterfieldorganizingco

Enjoy some of my favorite images from Maggie’s brand shoot!

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