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Interior Designer: Joanne Marino, The Beach Home/TBH Interiors, Lavallette,

I met up with Joanne Marino, proprietor of The Beach Home in Lavalette, it was an overcast, warm summer day in Bay Head, NJ. The owners were having their air conditioning upgraded, so like true professionals, we braved the heat and humidity to capture stunning images of this traditional home transformed into a cozy, welcoming beach home.

When the homeowners reached out to Joanne Marino last fall, they had just signed a contract for a rather traditional suburban home in Bay Head, New Jersey. The home had dark interiors (mahogany stained floors and banisters), and nothing said “beach.” The homeowners wanted it to feel like a beach house. They were not looking for a total renovation of the home, so Joanne helped them transform their home within their budget!

“When you walk in the door, you are greeted by rattan mirrors, a reclaimed wood console table to an African bead necklace that’s sitting on some books. As you walk down the hall, you’re going to see a little bit more of that colorway with artwork on the walls, a pillow, or a throw. Finally, the room opens up into the kitchen to reveal two spectacular sea glass blue pendants hanging from the island. We went with white shades, the Roman shades, for window treatment. We featured a big beautiful aerial photograph of a beach which added a pop of color with the ocean and followed through with accessories accented in a muted sea blue and texture.” 

Joanne Marino


The home transformed into a light, bright beach home with alabaster on the walls and a very light natural wood stain on the floors; these were game-changers to evoke that coastal vibe the homeowners coveted.

The mudroom is an example of working with her client’s budget instead of custom built-ins, which would have been a budget buster due to the high cost of wood. Joanne suggested beautiful pre-made built-ins instead. 

“We saved her a few thousand dollars which allowed us to spend it elsewhere where we needed to. The homeowner is thrilled to come into a very cozy, spa-like beach house.”

Joanne Marino

The Beach Home aesthetic is classic coastal and is known for its soft jute rugs. They are also known for their organic materials like the ones used at Osborne Ave. 

The biggest surprise awaits the homeowner in the garage; It’s a powder blue electric Moke, a symbol of fun in the sun at the beach. The homeowner packs up the beach gear on top of the Moke and heads down Osborne Ave straight to the beach!

The story behind each interior photography project is more than just about style, it’s the motivation and purpose behind each artistic decision you’ve made. I love to know why you chose specific finishes and fabrics. My process dives into the story behind each project so I can photograph every aspect that is most important.

Why? Because I want to get you published.

Each interior design project has a story. I want to know the story behind your craft.

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