3 Ways To Connect With Your Ideal Clients in 2023

Tori Sikkema is a Published Interiors | Branding Photographer in Central NJ and beyond.

  1. Find your brand ethos, both visually and verbally;
  2. Show up on social media with messaging that solves your client’s needs;
  3. Introduce yourself and your design projects | products | and services with a professional portfolio of visual marketing images.

Brand Ethos

What are your company or brand’s core values? Think of “ethos” as principles to set the tone of your company’s vibe and the tribe you want to attract.

Serve your Audience

Are you helping your clients solve a need or challenge? Messaging should focus on serving your client.

Professional Imagery

Help your ideal audience find you with a professional portfolio of images for you and your design projects, products, and services.

Checklist for New Year Success

Get a jump start by taking stock of what worked and didn’t in 2022. Taking a moment to look back will propel your business forward!

  • Can you communicate your brand ethos in 15 seconds?
  • Did you attract your ideal clients?
  • Have you documented your design projects | products | and services with professional images?
  • Schedule your free consultation with me, and let’s elevate your brand strategy for 2023.

“Reframe how you approach each day and give yourself grace.”

-Tori Sikkema

Take one step at a time and evaluate if it works for your brand. It is ok to pivot from what you have been doing and turn in another direction to grow your brand and find the voice that resonates with your ideal clients.

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