How to Declutter Your Work Space and Increase Productivity

Maggie Brittain, Owner, Chesterfield Organizing Co.

Maggie Brittian is the owner of Chesterfield Organizing Co., 

​She is a visual problem solver, and a homebody at heart. ​Professional Organizer and Clutter Guide/Coach and a wife of an outdoor enthusiast, a mother of four active humans, and one lazy pup, creating peaceful and clutter-free spaces is a must to maintain smoother daily routines in her home. Smoother days are exactly what I want for you and your home too! 

Maggie and her team want to save you time and teach you the steps to maintain your newly organized space. 

In addition to offering IN-home organizing, Maggie also provides online education: Coco Organized One offering is A self-paced course Guiding you online through 4 core steps of organizing (COCO) to create a space that looks and feels like the best version of YOU! 

@chesterfieldorganizingco @cocoorganized

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