Scouting for Interior or Brand Photoshoots

Interior Education with Tori Sikkema, Interior | Brand Photographer

Location, location, location!

Finding the perfect location is critical to preparing for an interior or brand photoshoot. The location sets the tone for your brand. If you are shooting an interior project, you don’t have a choice in location, so styling in a cohesive way will ensure you stay on brand to attract your perfect customers.

If you are looking for a location for a brand shoot, the possibilities are endless, or are they? There are many choices when choosing a location, but make sure the interior or exterior space aligns with the message you want to convey through your images. A park in the spring and fall is great if you want your brand to connect with nature, but if your business has a specific workflow, you may want to show your secret sauce in a setting that speaks to your brand like a modern Airbnb or VRBO space that has an office space.

The planning process begins as soon as the client signs the contract. My approach includes a specific workflow to guide my clients through for the optimal outcome: great images that tell their visual story and help them grow their business. 

Before shoot day, I like to check out, or scout, a location to ensure the following:

6 Tips to scouting locations for successful photoshoots

  • The space has the brand vibe
  • Lighting is optimal;
  • Any challenges have solutions; 
  • If an interior shoot, meeting the homeowner and walking them through what shoot day is vital;
  • If a brand shoot, having any proper permits and knowing any regulations is necessary;
  • Discuss any specifics with my client well in advance so there are no surprises on the day of the photoshoot.

If it isn’t possible to physically scout, I will e-scout well in advance. That is, going online to research my location, especially if it is out of state, country, or difficult to arrange a visit with a client.

As a professional, I conduct critical steps in the process. Scouting is a best practice for my business.

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