My Go-To Styling Essentials for Interior Photoshoots + 8 Styling Tips

Interior Education with Tori Sikkema, Interior | Brand Photographer

As an interior photographer + stylist, it is critical that I show my client’s work in the best light for marketing their design projects. Styling is essential to creating and telling a visual story that attracts new customers and editors. It makes them want to learn more about you and your business.

Interior styling should enhance the aesthetics of a space without changing the interior designer’s work. An interior stylist’s role is to plan and execute any additions, subtractions, or collections involved in the styling of each space. My role as a photographer and stylist is to communicate and collaborate with the interior designer to create images that evoke the vibe and tell the story of my client’s work.

Brand Photoshoot for Jackie-Currie Taylor Interiors + Design
Photography by Tori Sikkema Photography

Styling for a client living in a space differs from styling for an interior photoshoot. Objects appear different through a camera lens than what can you can see in actuality. Trust your photographer to deliver and capture that beautiful image you want your viewers to see. Focus on working and collaborating with the stylist and photographer to yield the best-finished product.

I have created an Amazon Styling Essentials List as a checklist for some of my favorite pieces that I love incorporating into different spaces. From coffee tables, and kitchen counters, to mudrooms, my goal is to invite the viewer into a space.

8 Essential Styling Tips

1. Don’t over plan. Leave space for the creative process and collaboration on the photoshoot day.

Brand Photoshoot for Jackie-Currie Taylor Interiors + Design
Photography by Tori Sikkema Photography

2. Stick to a cohesive style throughout each room. Ensure all accessories and textiles are installed to add that finishing layer to your design project.

3. Ensure all accessories and textiles are installed as a finishing layer to your design project.

4. Use layers of color and texture to create interest and depth in each space.

5. Include organic signs of life in every space: plants, flowers, branches. They add color and life to the neutral spaces of the place.

6. Style your shelving and bookcases with more than just books. Bookshelves are an excellent opportunity to show off collections and vintage items. 

7. Style your coffee table intentionally. Use scale and proportion to add interest, and include organic signs of life. 

8. Trust your interior photographer. What they see through their lens differs from what you see when living in the space. If your photographer is also a stylist, trust their eye to compliment your design.

Interior photoshoot styling can be a daunting task. The essentials and tips I have shared here are all catered to help ease up this endeavor regardless of where you are. Key knowledge of the uniqueness of your physical space and availability of the design materials and accessories will lead to amazing results. Don’t worry about having a strict checklist of items as I have listed in my Amazon Styling Essentials List; It’s best to leave some room for creativity on the photoshoot day.

Open communication, trust, and collaboration will go a long way toward a successful project. On top of all the physical planning and preparation, it’s also best to know and decide the kind of brand, business idea, or key message you want to highlight through the photo shoot.

After all, this is all about highlighting your work and your story. Each photoshoot is special and unique, and all these tips are made to help you achieve those. I am thrilled to partner with you on your next project!

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