The Journey of Entrepreneurship

Danielle Marchese, Brand and Marketing Strategist, and Consultant

Danielle is a consultant, brand, and marketing strategist who has been helping brands carve out their own unique corner of the internet since 2017. She shares her entrepreneurship journey as a business owner, helping clients rebrand, optimize their businesses through SEO, and build their brand presence on social media platforms.

Get inspired as Danielle shares her practical yet unique and authentic approaches to marketing and re-branding strategies, from taking quizzes to evaluate your brand and your website to specific techniques for maximizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Entrepreneurship is a journey to personal development.

As a business owner, you gain personal growth on all levels of the business you didn’t even know existed. You learn quickly, and you grow from it. The most common thing you will see in business owners is they start doing something else they didn’t expect. They have to do things on their own from the start so they can know what works and what doesn’t work.

The business has its ups and downs, and change is constant. When something is not working out anymore, business owners should know when to pivot and make a change. That’s where Danielle comes into play. She helps them with the Rebranding process by making what she calls a Brand Audit.

What does it take to Rebrand?

To analyze further how her clients are doing in their business, she asks them these questions:

  1. Are you happy with what you’re offering?
  2. Are you excited to start talking about your brand?
  3. Are you excited to get on social media and talk about your offerings?

Once the client has given thought to these questions and can share their answers and insights, Danielle then moves on to identifying some indicators if a Rebrand is needed.  It can be the following:

  1. Sales are slowing down – low sales can indicate a dip in the market, or the owner is not enthusiastic about promoting and marketing their business anymore.
  2. The overall feeling of the business owner about how things are going on – they are consistently unenthusiastic and dissatisfied with the current state of their business.

She shared that most of the answers to the questions she asks her clients don’t depend on the services or their offerings being changed, but it is on adding another level of experience that makes them even more excited to talk about their business and what they have to offer.

“Rebranding doesn’t need to be a new logo, a new brand theme color, or new fonts. Sometimes it just needs an additional element to their existing services.”

Danielle Marchese

Audit steps on rebranding

Danielle takes her client into different levels of discussion to understand them deeper as a person – where they currently are in their business and where they want to be, what goals they have set, what they are working on, and what they have achieved so far.

Once all of that is identified, they take on the strategy of going on to the next level: growing their services.

Danielle explains a certain example of this:

“If you are a coach and you offer coaching packages, it could be okay, maybe we could raise your prices. And we can add in a customized welcome box that they get. And it’s this whole in person experience that they get to add on to your virtual coaching experience. Sometimes it’s just these small tweaks to add in the rebrand process to make them feel excited again and re-energized to focus again on doing better for their business.”

These are some of the things she does when diving deep into analyzing her client’s business and what needs to be improved upon:

  • Going into every social media outlet they are on, reading through their posts within the last six months, and clicking every single active link. In this way, she can inform the client if the links are broken, or they are no longer needed.
  • Opting into every single freebie. This is her way of getting the customer’s and the audience’s perspective of what the brand is to them, what is being offered and what the brand represents, and how it can help them.

“Most of the time, what I see and what they are seeing, or what they are telling me they want to do, does not match somewhere. And it’s not every single point of contact. But there are usually some things that just kind of fall off or don’t match anymore, or are no longer needed, or are no longer serving the audience, or the business owner.

So we take those analytics, and we take those findings. And I say, “This is what I found, based on what you told me you want to do. Based on what you told me your goals are, what your new found love is, what you want to be taking into your business, and the direction you want to be taking your business”. I will give you suggestions on how to do that. So it’s a little bit of consulting, a little bit of coaching.”

How to know you are attracting the right audience?

Danielle personally loves looking at analytics. She wants to know the demographics of the people clicking and reacting to the posts and links and other pertinent details.

When it comes down to recognizing if a rebrand is successful, she looks more at the engagement status.

“So if the engagement is a little bit dipped, and then all of a sudden you did this rebrand, they started kind of paying attention again, and you’re teaching something new or in a new way, and the engagement goes up… I think that those are signs of a successful rebrand. It’s not necessarily more followers not necessarily have a wider reach. I think it would be engagement of your current audience first, and then I think you can look into inviting a new collection of audience to you.”

She further adds that it helps to have an updated website that reflects the rebranding of the business. It should contain what new services they have added, what the improvements are, and being able to be specific about their products and services and catering to a specific target customer.

How SEO can help boost your searchability online

Danielle shares that it is all about searchable keywords when asked how SEO works for online visibility. Business owners should take into consideration their SEO ranking on Google. The goal is to have better chances of popping up in Google rankings.

One tip to consider is to identify a keyword they associate with their product or services and put it on all their website pages – the About page, Home Services page, and their blog pages. Those keywords should also be in the URL slug’s description and meta tags.

Good luck, and let me know how these tips help you to grow your community!

Until next time, take one new action that lifts up your brand!

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