The Journey on How to Get Published

Tori Sikkema, Interior | Architectural | Brand Photographer + Stylist

There are many opportunities for your design project(s) to be seen by the world! Having your design project(s) published leads to more inquiries, which leads to more bookings.

If you are a designer, design firm, architect, or builder, having a professionally curated presence and exposure distinguishes your brand. It introduces the world to who you are and what you do.

For the last couple of months, I have been working on a resource to help you with your goal of becoming published. Well, I am happy to report that the guide is available today!

In any business, some roadblocks will stand in your way. How and what you do when these challenges occur defines your odds of reaching your goals.

So much success begins with how well you plan, prepare and execute the plan. What is your blueprint for success, and how do you plan on implementing each phase? Who are the people supporting your vision to become a reality? Do they share your vision?

Let people in your life support your dreams and goals and cheer you on! Understanding why you want to achieve your goals and sharing that with friends, family, and work associates helps them know your drive and focus. Keeping your “why” in front of you provides clarity.

I am cheering for you to succeed and realize all your dreams. It begins with YOU and your story. What makes you unique, your secret sauce? If you don’t know what your secret sauce is, then ask three-five people in your life what they think makes you so good at what you do. Believe me; they will be happy to gush over what you do well and what makes you who you are in business.

For me, when I was starting my business and getting “real” about what my secret sauce was, I asked five friends, and here is what they had to say:

Question 1. What are 2-4 of my strengths?

  • Intelligence & Determined
  • Work ethic to develop her business and focus, Tori is gifted in her field.
  • Smart, intuitive, fun
  • Your energy level, caring nature, attention to style
  • Enthusiasm passion roll-up-sleeves-and-get-it-done

Question 2. What are my best characteristics?

  • Extremely motivated
  • Personable, happy & driven
  • Great smile
  • Caring about people
  • Active listener, connector

Question 3. What is my secret sauce?

  • Confidence
  • Congeniality
  • Your brilliance
  • Positive attitude
  • Leading

I asked my friends in a Google Form to answer a total of seven questions, and the three above are all real answers! I’m not sharing them to puff myself up; instead, I do encourage you to explore who you are so that when things get tough, and they will, you can remember why you are working to achieve your dreams.

So now I hope you know why it is so important to have clarity, but I don’t want to leave you hangin’. Remember that guide I’ve been working on for months, and now it’s ready for you to purchase? My guide could be the next step on your journey.

So who is this resource for?


It’s the ultimate guide on how to get seen + published. So put down your inhibitions, and let’s explore the possibilities.

Six S’s of Success, I share my six essential principles for success in getting published:

  • —1. S is for Story – Do you have a compelling story to share about your design project?
  • —2. S is for Scouting – Does your interior photographer scout the design project location with you?
  • —3. S is for Styling – My favorite subject. Styling is the jewelry of your project.
  • —4. S is for Shot List – This is where your scouting pays off.
  • —5. S is for Shooting – Capture aesthetically pleasing images that invite the viewer to see themselves in the space.
  • —6. S is for Submitting – Do you have a professionally curated visual story to tell that appeals to your audience?

And how to start implementing these principles TODAY to get you closer to the success you both desire and deserve sooner rather than later!

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