Brand Life Podcast: Visual Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Marketing Education with Tori Sikkema, Interior | Brand Photographer + Stylist

On this week’s episode of Brand Lift, Tori shares visual marketing tips.

  • How to refresh your website and show off your expertise
  • How to drive traffic to your online shop
  • How to use Instagram to drive sales to your online shop
  • How to serve your clients, so they hire YOU for their design project

You spark all the magic. It’s your ideas. It’s your vision for your business and how you want to grow it and I’m just here trying to give some marketing ideas on how to leverage your hard work to attract your ideal client(s).


So you have invested in an interior photoshoot or brand photoshoot and are now wondering how to use the images?

In addition to submitting them for publication consideration, editorial, social media, website, and marketing collateral, I have some additional inspiration on how to use them to grow your business by leveraging the photos!

Without you, there would not be that spark of genius, the idea thought of in your dreams, the design challenge to overcome, the cohesive team spirit, the courage to imagine the possibilities, and the thoughtful way you treat your client(s).


Create Visual Galleries

So if you’re a designer, I recommend creating galleries on your website to curate content by space. So think about the kitchen. Butler’s pantry, primary bath, bedroom, dining room mudroom, living room, etc.; taking images and grouping them by space is a way to let your clients see. The multiple projects you’ve done and let them also see the magic to help them envision their space designed by you.

Pinterest is a Powerful Search Engine

Our online presence and social media are also significant. I encourage you to go on Pinterest strongly if you don’t have a Pinterest presence. It is an incredible ah search engine. You can type in keywords that are critical for your business. So maybe it’s an online decker decor store or shop, or maybe it’s custom kitchens, butler’s pantry, or the latest design trend. See what pops up.

Instagram Guides

Guides are an excellent opportunity to explain your unique talent to your audience in another way through social media to attract your ideal customer. Using guides also allows you to share helpful resources.

Until next time, take one new action that lifts your brand!

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