Spring 2023 Interior Design Styling Trends I Love!

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Interior designer personal branding photoshoot styling a console table with a pedestal, black pottery vase and dried flowers.
Image from an interior | brand photoshoot for Cara Shahbandi, Owner of Stanton Home Design

Styling with Nature

If you are like me, living in the Northeast can be brutal in the winter. I am writing this blog post amid a noreaster! 

I cannot wait for spring. I love bringing budding branches inside in anticipation of the warmer climate’s blooms, stems, and colors. How about you?

Cut branches or use designer-quality faux branches to create a stunning vignette when grouped creatively.

Here are some tips on selecting and arranging the perfect arrangement.

  1. Start by selecting a variety of vessels: pottery, glass, and vintage brass are my favorites!
  2. Choose a stem with a curved or unique shape, and let it set the direction of your arrangement.
  3. Check out what’s in bloom in your part of the country, or check out my sourcing guide below for recommendations on luxury faux branches.

Bloom Schedule

  • January to March: forsythia
  • January to April: flowering quince, winter honeysuckle, witch hazel
  • January to May: pussy willow
  • February to April: saucer magnolia
  • March to May: Eastern redbud, cherry

I style entire spaces and vignettes for my interior photoshoots and look to 2023 design trends to influence the overall composition of each image.

Remember, though, that trends can come and go, styling is individual, and 2023 is all about making your space uniquely you based on how you live and what you love!

I love interior design trends and have incorporated them during my clients’ interior photoshoots.

  • Organic signs of nature
  • Organic materials with texture
  • Pottery in organic, neutral, and smoke tones
  • Glass vessels
  • Deep, rich, historical hues, think velvety green 
  • Pedestals
  • Darker wood tones, think ebony stained floors
  • Vintage, antique pieces, and brass
  • Cowhide rugs

There is no right or wrong way to style your home. Of course, it ok to treat yourself to a few foundational decor pieces that will set the canvas for your masterpiece this spring. Draw inspiration from natural materials, modern and vintage furniture or decor, and unique items you already own

Happy Styling!

Sourcing: @crateandbarrel @themercantile_bytcds @traderjoes @bstradingcompany 

@magnolia @vanguardfurniture @studiomcgee @uttermostcompany @potterybarn

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